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Perfectly Queer book cover, #PerfectlyQueerBook, LGBT books

Perfectly Queer: An Illustrated Introduction

Author & Illustrator: Victoria Barron

ISBN-13 : 978-1839974083 

Manageable nuggets of queer-based information are divided with 'breathing space' activity pages (featuring the 'pun-ny' rainbow mascot—The Rain-boa Constrictor), covering gender identity, assigned sex, sexual and romantic orientations, terminology, the acronym, common queer-ies, and much more! 

For allies and queer folks alike, delve a little further into the wonderful aspects that create and surround the LGBTQ+ community in this perfectly queer introduction!

Audience: 13+

Amazing Ace Awesome Aro Book

Amazing ACE, Awesome ARO: An Illustrated Exploration

Author & Illustrator: Victoria Barron

ISBN-13 : 978-1839977145  (21st June 2023)

Amazing ACE, Awesome ARO provides a one-stop resource to the (often misunderstood) areas of asexuality and aromanticism, combining digestible information with engaging illustrations to build an understanding from the ground up! Covering everything from terminology, history, culture, attitudes, split attractions, and much more. 

For the amazing ace, the awesome aros, and everyone in-between!


Audience: 14+ (parents/guardians, please use your own judgement and consider the content warnings below if purchasing for a minor.)


Content Warning: There are brief mentions of SA, coercion, and s*icide ideation (in a statistical context), and some sexual acts (listed in worksheets for understanding personal boundaries/consent within sexual relationships). I do not condone or promote underage sexual relationships.

The Eating Disorder Recovery Journal

Author: Cara Lisette

Illustrator: Victoria Barron

ISBN-13 ‏: ‎978-1839970856

The Eating Disorder Recovery Journal is features activities such as writing prompts and colouring pages as well as motivational quotes and positive affirmations.

The Bipolar Disorder Journal

Author: Cara Lisette

Illustrator: Victoria Barron

ISBN-13 ‏: ‎978-1839977817

The Bipolar Disorder Journal provides CBT techniques, prompts, and creative activities (such as colouring pages) to help you stay well.


Curious Cryptids Colouring Book

Curious Cryptids Easy Colouring Book

Illustrator: Victoria Barron

ISBN-13 ‏: ‎979-8819428849


Contains 30 fun original and easy-to-colour illustrations. Scenes delve into the curious world of cryptid monsters, from the infamous Big Foot or Nessie, to the lesser-known mysteries of Mokele Mbembe, Ahool, or Shore Laddie!

Suitable for children (5+) and adults.

Queer Crests Colouring Book

Queer Crests Easy Colouring Book

Illustrator: Victoria Barron

ISBN-13 : ‎979-8835627684

A playful exploration of (selected) queer identities. Each queer crest combines its own motto (French or Latin) along with artwork depicting commonly associated/linked items, terms, actions, or puns.

In addition, each illustrated page provides a basic motto translation and definition to help understand each of the LGBTQ+ identities featured.

Suitable for teens and adults.

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