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Answers to a few questions you might be pondering:

Will you illustrate my book?

Unfortunately I'm not taking on freelance commissions for self-published books. If you are being traditionally published, please feel free to suggest my work to your agent or publisher.

Are you planning on writing more education books?

Beyond my two queer education books, Perfectly Queer, and Amazing Ace, Awesome Aro, I have plans to work on a wellness book focused around addressing anxiety. 

Do you have any fiction books out?

As yet, my growing collection of drafts, notes, and scribbles (focused on children's fiction) remain a work-in-progress. I hope to move forward with these in the near future!

How did you get published?

Some projects (e.g. colouring books) require less input/advice with regards to developmental and copy editing, so, self publishing is a quicker, easier way for me to get my works into the world. For this option I use Amazon KDP. 

For my traditionally published works I was lucky enough to be approached by a reputable publishing imprint, so, these projects to date have been achieved directly through the publisher.

Do you do school visits or book readings?

Despite how outgoing I may appear, I do have significant struggles with anxiety, so, I'm afraid I don't attend public speaking engagements.

Can I send you mail?

I LOVE to connect with my readers, but don't currently have a viable P.O Box address for reader post. You can, however, message me through a variety of platforms (such as Instagram), or via my listed contact email.

Please note:

  • There may be instances where my email provider accidentally flings your message into the dreaded spam folder! Apologies for any lack of response if this is/was the case.

  • I receive a lot of notifications on IG, so it's easy for me to miss comments/questions. I do try to respond to all genuine DMs, but my work schedule and mental health breaks sometimes mean a response can be a little slow. Please bear with me.

  • I simply do not respond to any phobic or hateful messages. Any such communication will be immediately blocked and deleted.

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