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Advocacy - mental health

Victoria advocates to reduce the stigma around mental health issues via open dialogue and encouraging those affected to seek support to better their mental health.


Having a long and complicated history with anxiety and depression, she understands the importance and bravery of asking for help.

Remember, It's ok to not be ok, and the first step is to talk to someone who will listen without judgement (your GP, friends, family, therapist etc.).


Some useful organisations to look into:

The Mental Health Organisation provides information and support. The also host the annual Mental Health Awareness Week in May.

Mind promotes mental health awareness, supplying information, and UK support. 

(Copyright remains with the artist--Victoria Barron--and any works cannot be used for financial or commercial gain/purposes)

FREE colouring pages!

It's important to find safe methods to manage/cope with periods of stress, anxiety, or depression. Whether it's a walk in nature, reaching out to a friend, or enjoying a 'cuppa tea'; for many, colouring can become a calming, mindful practise. 


Originally designed (among others) for Cara Lisette's 2022 The Eating Disorder Recovery Journal', three favourites are available here to download and print for FREE. Huzzah!

Simply hover over the image and click on the downwards-pointing arrow symbol to automatically download. You can also snap your creative colourings and tag @victoriabarronart and/or use #vbacolouring on Instagram.

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