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Rain-boa Constrictor, #PerfectlyQueerBook, #RainboaConstrictor
Rain-boa Constrictor, #PerfectlyQueerBook, #RainboaConstrictor


Victoria Barron (she/her) is an illustrator and author who enjoys creating works (both fiction and non-fiction) spanning several topics/themes; particularly: queer and mental health representation and awareness, self-worth and acceptance, and friendship and found/chosen families.

She is usually found in her studio excitably scribbling all manner of story ideas, characters, or terrible puns!

Her content is consistently described as cute, humorous, and accessible

Perfectly Queer book by Victoria Barron

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Additional info:

Born in Essex, UK, Victoria graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (with Hons) from Colchester Institute, after which she began providing freelance material for both the UK and international publishing market (notably for the imprint, Orchard Books).


Victoria is also the creator of two queer education books, Perfectly Queer, and Amazing Ace, Awesome Aro.

Victoria Barron Artist Illustrator Author

Credit: Victoria Barron

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Amazing Ace Awesome Aro book by Victoria Barron
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